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Transloadit for Teachers

We are offering our Startup Plan containing 10GB of encoding credit, worth $49/month, for free, to teachers who have joined the Github Teacher Toolbox.

Make sure you have enrolled in the Github Teacher Toolbox to be eligible for the offer.

What is Transloadit?

Transloadit is a file encoding and processing service for developers. Here’s how Transloadit can help you:

  • File processing made easy

    Power your app with any media transformation. Resize, transcode, optimize and watermark photos, (de)compress archives, detect faces, generate audio waveform images, make screenshots of URLs and HTML files, scan for viruses — in short, we’ve built a Swiss Army knife for your files.

  • Import and export files

    Import and export resulting files to and from S3, Google Storage, Dropbox, (S)FTP or HTTP. Yes, you can even let us export to your Raspberry Pi. Files are just passing through, you remain in control of your own content.

  • Leverage Uppy.io

    Uppy.io is the leading open source file uploader. Transloadit integrates seamlessly with this website plugin that lets your visitors import files from Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox and remote URLs.

  • Automation

    Create workflows that cater to your unique use case. Combine our versatile Robots using a declarative JSON language and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes:

          ":original": {
            "robot": "/upload/handle"
          "resized": {
            "use": ":original",
            "robot": "/image/resize",
            "result": true,
            "width": 500,
            "height": 500,
            "resize_strategy": "fit",
          "sepiad90": {
            "use": "resized",
            "robot": "/image/resize",
            "result": true,
            "sepia": 90,
          "exported": {
            "use": [
            "robot": "/s3/store",
            "credentials": "demo_s3_credentials"

How can I get a teacher account?

  1. Join the Github Teacher Toolbox.
  2. Claim Transloadit's offer by using the “Login via GitHub” button below.
Make sure you have enrolled in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox to be eligible for the offer.

We're here to help

We are available through the blue speech bubble in the bottom-right corner of the screen and via email at support@transloadit.com. Please include your account's email address when contacting us.

About the offer

We are offering teachers a free Startup Plan, which includes 10GB of encoding credit per month. Should you reach this limit, the service will be discontinued. We will notify you well before this happens, so you can choose whether or not to upgrade to a paid (discounted) plan. No credit card is required.