It has been a while since we released our last Robot, /file/virusscan. It is now time to introduce a few new members to our family, as today we will introduce not one, not two, but four new Robots. ✨

Audio File Merging

Our audio merge robot

Our new /audio/merge Robot can merge two or more audio files together by overlaying their audio tracks on top of each other. This is great for when you want to add overlays to your audio files. The customer who requested this feature wanted to offer full length demos to their visitors, while keeping the incentive alive to purchase the original song. For more information, please take a look at the full documentation.

Audio Looping

Our audio loop robot

Our new /audio/loop Robot will loop a given audio file until a specified target duration is reached. This is great, for instance, if you want to merge an overlay for the full length of an audio track – by using our /audio/merge Robot – but your audio overlay doesn't meet the required duration. You can find more information about this Robot in its full documentation.

Audio Concatenation

Our audio concat robot

If you would like to concatenate several audio files, then our /audio/concat Robot is the right tool for you. A possible use case for this could be to add a standard introduction to a podcast or educational audio track. This Robot's full documentation can be found here.

Video Concatenation

Our video concat robot

The /video/concat Robot can chain videos together. This is great for adding ads, disclaimers or other content either before or after your videos. For more information, please see the full documentation.

We believe these Robots will be great and valuable additions to our video and audio toolchain. 😄 As always, if you have feedback about them or if you have ideas for new Robots, don't hesitate to email us at!