We recently shared the news with you that we now support resumable file uploads in production – powered by tus – and that we'll gradually be rolling out support for it in our SDKs as well.

We're happy to tell you that we have now upgraded our jQuery SDK from version 2.8 to 3.0, and it supports tus-powered resumable uploads by default.


While we recommend all users to upgrade to this new major version, you should also make sure to check if our next-generation Javascript file uploader Uppy might be a good fit for you. Uppy is open source, robust, modular and feature-rich (Instagram, Webcam, React, S3). You can use Uppy without Transloadit and it does not depend on jQuery.

It might be a bit more work to port your jQuery integration over to Uppy than it would be to just upgrade it to v3, but we think you'll find it's worth the trouble!

That being said, our jQuery SDK still has a considerable user-base, and we felt those users deserve reliable file uploading as much as the rest of us. Thus, we have decided to release one last major upgrade.

Besides having support for resumable file uploads, the new jQuery SDK also comes with the following changes:

  • Increased performance across the board
  • Added support for Drag and Drop
  • Added support for file preview lists
  • Removed all options related to polling
  • Reduced the amount of network traffic for Assembly Status updates
  • Added the requireUploadMetaData parameter with a default to false, so we do not wait for file upload metadata anymore, which results in a big speed improvement. This change was also back-ported to the last version in the 2.x series
  • Added the maxNumberOfUploadedFiles parameter, with which you can set a limit to the maximum allowed number of files to be uploaded
  • Added two new callbacks: onDisconnect() and onReconnect()

Version 3.0 of the SDK is now officially out of beta and we recommended you start using this version at your earliest convenience. It is available at https://assets.transloadit.com/js/jquery.transloadit2-v3-latest.js. Accordingly, version 2 of the SDK is now deprecated and starting from January 1, 2018, it will only receive security updates.

We have also decided that in the future, we would like to remove our jquery.transloadit2-latest.js version. This has always been the latest of major versions, but we no longer want to automatically upgrade users between major versions since it inevitably leads to backward compatibility issues. Not having people on this magic version allows us to make backward compatibility-breaking changes without worrying about the fallout. In short: On January 1, 2018, the version at https://assets.transloadit.com/js/jquery.transloadit2-latest.js will be marked as "End of Life" and will go completely out of maintenance.

There is only a handful of BC-breaking changes between both major versions. Chances are that you can just change the URL to the new major version and everything will continue to work. That said, make sure to test this! For your convenience, these are the BC-breaking issues to watch out for:

  • The onExecuting() callback does not have the array of uploads anymore. Please use the onUpload callback to track received uploads
  • The onUpload() and onResult() callbacks no longer receive the Assembly object as a parameter
  • The formData parameter has been removed, because all uploads use XHR now. This will only break BC for you if you used formData: <customFormDataObj>. In that case, you should now add the contents of your custom form data as hidden input fields to the form
  • Several new sentences have been added for which you would need to add new translations if you had a custom locale. Please check "How to add your own localization / other language strings" at the bottom of this page for details
  • There is now a new translations parameter that must be used to get your custom locale working

As always, feedback is very much welcome! Enjoy!