Our audio loop robot

We are happy to announce the official release of our /audio/encode Robot! Having been battle-tested in production by quite a few customers for several months now it should greatly help with your audio needs. It is priced at 25% of the video encode robot and starts at $1 per GB. As always, the more gigabytes you use, the less you pay per gigabyte.

As of now the robot only comes with an mp3 preset. We are planning to extend this list soon, though. However, to also easily support OGG, MP2, etc. we allow you to supply custom FFmpeg parameters.

To see how everything works, please check the Robot's docs page and the demo section.

Here is a small update on what we have also been working on recently:

  • We are implementing a queue system in order to keep the system stable when our high-end customers do large batch imports. This also allows several jobs to be run simultaneously on different machines. Up until now the same machine would have to handle all jobs for an Assembly. This will be deployed this week.
  • This week we will also deploy a new filter robot that allows you to ignore files that do not fulfill certain requirements (like maximum size, format, file extension, etc).
  • We are listing some demos for a specific robot on its docs page. This makes navigation a bit easier.
  • There are a few more projects listed on our Community page. Most notably a Python SDK!
  • We have added a demo for the /http/import Robot.
  • We have added some demos for the SFTP store robot.
  • The image resize robot has a flatten parameter now to optionally flatten images.
  • Our documentation design has changed slightly for the better. It also lists default values and required value types now.
  • Our Assembly index pages render much faster now after a DB upgrade and some code optimizations.
  • Our /image/resize and /video/encode Robots now support random positions for watermarks.
  • We have a nice new editor for adding and editing Templates that supports line numbers and a JSON parser that will tell you if your entered JSON is correct or not.

We hope you enjoy the new features and the stuff we have in the pipeline. Please let us know what you think.