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Retrieve an Assembly Status

GET https://api2.transloadit.com/assemblies/{ASSEMBLY_ID}

In the response after creating an Assembly you will find a field: assembly_ssl_url. You can poll this URL every few seconds (or what is a sensible interval for your use case) to get the latest Assembly Status. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the updates stream to receive live notification about how the Assembly is progressing.

The assembly_ssl_url will contain the machine name responsible for managing the Assembly. It knows in realtime how many bytes have been uploaded. An example URL would be: https://api2-jane.transloadit.com/assemblies/{ASSEMBLY_ID}.

Due to scaling algorithms we cycle though machines quickly, so you can also fall back to removing the machine name and using: https://api2.transloadit.com/assemblies/{ASSEMBLY_ID}. This will also get you the Assembly Status.

This request can be issued by anyone who knows the assembly_ssl_url. Hence, make sure to not share your assembly_ssl_urls or assembly_ids with anybody. More on this in our FAQ under: Are Assembly IDs secure?

GET query components

No request query components needed.


Here’s an example response body:

For more information about the response, please refer to our documentation for the Assembly Status response.