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Assembly Status response

Transloadit uses a single response format for creating and querying Assemblies, appending responses to upload forms, and sending Notifications.

The following is a full example of a Transloadit response. Since files are processed in parallel, the ordering for results does not necessarily follow the same order as uploads. There could also be multiple results for a single upload. To match results with uploads, you can use the original_id field, which is present in both items.

Example response

Explanation of fields

  • ok
    Indicates a successful status. If the Assembly encountered an error, the error key below is used instead of this key.
  • error
    Indicates an error status. This key is only present if the Assembly failed.
  • message
    A human-readable message explaining the state of this Assembly. This is not always present.
  • assembly_id
    The unique ID of this Assembly. You can store this in a database when an Assembly is created, and use it to match incoming Notifications.
  • assembly_url
    The unique URL used to query the current status of this Assembly.
  • assembly_ssl_url
    The unique URL used to query the current status of this Assembly, but ready to be used over SSL/HTTPS. All API requests that are sent to the assembly_url can also be sent to the assembly_ssl_url.
  • companion_url
    The URL to the Companion server that this Assembly may communicate with.
  • websocket_url
    The URL to a Websocket (uses Socket.IO) server from which you can get realtime status updates of this Assembly.
  • tus_url
    The URL to the tus server used by this Assembly for resumable uploads.
  • bytes_received
    The number of bytes that have been uploaded to this Assembly so far. This is primarily used by clients to display upload progress.
  • bytes_expected
    The number of bytes that this Assembly expects to be uploaded.
  • bytes_usage
    The total number of bytes that this Assembly processed that count towards your usage bill. The sum of bytes_usage of all of your Assemblies equal your total monthly usage.
  • client_agent
    The user agent (browser) used by the uploader.
  • client_ip
    The IP address of the uploader.
  • client_referer
    The referrer URL of the uploader.
  • start_date
    The date and time at which upload started for this Assembly.
  • upload_duration
    The time taken by the uploader to upload files, in seconds.
  • execution_duration
    The time taken by Transloadit to execute this Assembly, in seconds.
  • fields
    A key/value map of any additional fields present in your form, for integrations can not use <form> encapsulation (like Uppy).
  • uploads
    An array of files uploaded for this Assembly. For more information, see the metadata docs.
  • results
    The result files that Transloadit has produced so far. Each key of this object is the name of the Step that produced a particular file. As storage robots do not produce files, their Step names are not included here. In case of an error may contain partial results.