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Our /file/decompress Robot

Decompress archives

🤖/file/decompress extracts entire archives of files to be consumed by other Robots or exported as individual files.

This Robot supports the following archive formats:

  • ZIP archives (with uncompressed or "deflate"-compressed entries)
  • 7-Zip archives
  • RAR archives
  • GNU tar format (including GNU long filenames, long link names, and sparse files)
  • Solaris 9 extended tar format (including ACLs)
  • Old V7 tar archives
  • POSIX ustar
  • POSIX pax interchange format
  • POSIX octet-oriented cpio
  • SVR4 ASCII cpio
  • POSIX octet-oriented cpio
  • Binary cpio (big-endian or little-endian)
  • ISO9660 CD-ROM images (with optional Rockridge or Joliet extensions)
  • GNU and BSD "ar" archives
  • "mtree" format
  • Microsoft CAB format
  • LHA and LZH archives
  • XAR archives

This Robot also detects and handles any of the following before evaluating the archive file:

  • uuencoded files
  • Files with RPM wrapper
  • gzip compression
  • bzip2 compression
  • compress/LZW compression
  • lzma, lzip, and xz compression

For security reasons, archives that contain symlinks to outside the archived dir, will error out the Assembly. Decompressing password-protected archives (encrypted archives) is currently not fully supported but will not cause an Assembly to fail.

Usage example

Decompress an uploaded archive:

  "steps": {
    "decompressed": {
      "robot": "/file/decompress",
      "use": ":original"


  • use

    String / Array of Strings / Object required

    Specifies which Step(s) to use as input.

    • You can pick any names for Steps except ":original" (reserved for user uploads handled by Transloadit)

    • You can provide several Steps as input with arrays:

      "use": [

    💡 That’s likely all you need to know about use, but you can view Advanced use cases.

  • ignore_errors

    Array of Strings / Boolean ⋅ default: []

    A possible array member is only "meta".

    You might see an error when trying to extract metadata from the files inside your archive. This happens, for example, for files with a size of zero bytes. Setting this to true will cause the Robot to not stop the file decompression (and the entire Assembly) when that happens.

    To keep backwards compatibility, setting this parameter to true will set it to ["meta"] internally.


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