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We have a fully featured software development kit for Node.js, to make it easy to talk to the Transloadit REST API from your Node apps.


Note: This documentation is for the current version (v3). Looking for v2 docs? Looking for breaking changes from v2 to v3?

Inside your project, type:

yarn add transloadit


npm install --save transloadit


The following code will upload an image and resize it to a thumbnail:

const Transloadit = require('transloadit')

const transloadit = new Transloadit({

;(async () => {
  try {
    const options = {
      files: {
        file1: '/PATH/TO/FILE.jpg',
      params: {
        steps: {
          // You can have many Steps. In this case we will just resize any inputs (:original)
          resize: {
            use: ':original',
            robot: '/image/resize',
            result: true,
            width: 75,
            height: 75,
        // OR if you already created a template, you can use it instead of "steps":
        // template_id: 'YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID',
      waitForCompletion: true, // Wait for the Assembly (job) to finish executing before returning

    const status = await transloadit.createAssembly(options)

    if (status.results.resize) {
      console.log('✅ Success - Your resized image:', status.results.resize[0].ssl_url)
    } else {
        "❌ The Assembly didn't produce any output. Make sure you used a valid image file",
  } catch (err) {
    console.error('❌ Unable to process Assembly.', err)
    if (err.assemblyId) {
      console.error(`💡 More info: https://transloadit.com/assemblies/${err.assemblyId}`)

You can find details about your executed Assemblies here.


For more fully working examples take a look at examples/.

For more example use cases and information about the available robots and their parameters, check out the Transloadit website.


See GitHub for the full documentation.

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