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Until Uppy reached 1.0, our jQuery SDK was the recommended way to integrate Transloadit with web browsers. This is no longer the case and we'd now like everybody to use Uppy instead.


Note: You may also be interested in checking out Uppy, Transloadit's next-gen file uploader for the web.

Simply include the JavaScript asset in your HTML page like so. jQuery >= 1.9 is also required.

<script src="//assets.transloadit.com/js/jquery.transloadit2-v3-latest.js"></script>


The Transloadit jQuery plugin allows you to

  • show file upload progress,
  • get uploaded results directly without further API queries, and
  • wait for upload processing to complete before redirecting to the result page or calling a callback function.

Assuming a form with the ID "upload-form" (from the minimal integration), the jQuery plugin can be used like this:

<script src="//assets.transloadit.com/js/jquery.transloadit2-v3-latest.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
// We call .transloadit() after the DOM is initialized:
$(function() {
    wait  : true,
    fields: true,

    triggerUploadOnFileSelection: true,

    params : {
      auth  : { key : 'YOUR_TRANSLOADIT_KEY' },
      steps : {
        resize_to_75: {
          robot  : '/image/resize',
          use    : ':original',
          width  : 75,
          height : 75
        // more Steps here

By default, this will display an overlay with a progress bar.

Important Your file input fields must each have a proper name attribute for our jQuery SDK to work properly.


An example use of this plugin can be found in the examples directory.

To run it, simply replace YOUR_TRANSLOADIT_KEY (on the HTML file) with your actual Transloadit key and load the html file on your browser.


See GitHub for the full documentation.

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